Revit for Architecture Students

Updated Revit Architecture for all who are interested in using Revit for Architectural Design & Presentation. This is a short term course that will enable you to learn Architectural Design and Presentation techniques using Revit.


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Course Duration

20 Hours

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Course Format


Course Starts

May 4, 2020

Total Lessons


Course Duration

20 Hours

Course Level


Course Format


Course Starts

May 4, 2020
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Who is this Course For?

This course is for Students of Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, or anyone who wants to use Revit for Architectural or Interior Design projects.

Prior exposure to these fields can be helpful but not necessary.


Course Format

This is an Online Instructor-Led course. The Instructor-led course is a live studio in an ineractive Video-Conference mode. In addition, there are course resources, assignments and references that you complete prior to a live class.


How Will I Benefit?

Revit improves your understanding of 3D forms and spaces. It design better by allowing you to explore and analyze your design. You are able to explore options quickly and modify your design based on your improved understanding and Analysis.

In addition, Revit is one of the tools that enables BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM is a process, that optimize facility design for Construction, Maintenance and Operations.

BIM is increasing becoming an essential process in Facility Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operations across the world, with increasing job opportunities,


Course Description

Revit can be a great tool for Architecture students. It will help you understand your design better through quick visualization. Make stunning presentations and stand out in a crowd.

This course will take you through basics of Revit Modeling and guide through techniques of using Revit for Architectural Design.

The course ends with learning Presentation Techniques on Revit. You will learn how to create 3D Plans, Sectional Perspectives and Rendered 3D Views.

The course is in a blended learning format. There are Live Instructor led online sessions in a Virtual Classrom format. In addition, there are recorded videos, that will help you understand concepts easily.

Have questions, get the answered by your Instructor during live sessions or post them to this course group and have course mates answer them.

Course Content

Setting up Project Site

Setup Project’s geographical location as well as orientation. This becomes useful in Solar Studies and Energy Calculations.

Simple Massing Studies

Preliminary Architectural Design often starts with Massing Studies to develop form appropriate for the project.

Design Analysis

Analyze your Design to check if it matches your project requirements. This may include:

  • Area Analysis
  • Solar Studies
Developing Your Design

Use Massing Studies to develop your Design by adding Walls and Floors. Check out room areas to check if they meet your program requirements.

You will add Wall Openings such as Doors and Windows.

Visualizing Design

Cut Sections, quickly generate 3D Views to Visualize your design for better understanding.

Design Presentation

Learn 2D and 3D Presentation techniques.

Schedules & Quantities

Learn, how to generate Schedules & Quantities such as Door and Window Schedule, Wall, Floor Quantities

Working Drawings

Learn techniques of creating Working Drawings and Construction Details in Revit.


What is Instructor Led Training:

Instructor-Led live online sessions are Video Conference sessions. Both, the Instructor and Learner are live in the same session.

In addition, you are provided tasks and resources that you are expected to follow and discuss these in live sessions.

What if I have Questions?

Each live session is composed of a 1-hour Demonstration, using Screen Share. After this, there is a Question-Answer session, where the Instructor will answer your questions and clarify any doubts.

Will there be any practice sessions?

Yes, there will be at least one hour of practice time where you will be required to practice along when asked by your Instructor.

How will I get a Certificate?

Your course completion certificate will be automatically generated after you complete all the required steps, including Quizzes and assignments. You will need to mark all lessons and topics as complete.

Last Updated

January 9, 2021

Course Author

Ashit Goyal

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This is an Online Live Training. You must have the following ready before you can start this course.



Make sure you have

  • a stable Internet. 
  • a minimum of 600 KBps (preferable 1.5 MBps) internet speed.


A Laptop or a Desktop Computer, with Windows 10 installed


Revit Installed

Anyone of Revit 2017 onwards installed on your computer. A trial version can be downloaded from Autodesk Website


Mic & Webcam

A Microphone and a Webcam are required to communicate during the Live sessions.

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Revit for Architectural Design
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Revit Modeling
Starting a New Project
Setting Up Project Site
Design Visualisation
Developing Design
Modifying your Design
Presenting your Design
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